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Hands-on with Evolve: Hunting the Beast - Four hunters push through the thick of the jungle, muttering warnings and checking their Sound Spikes for activity. The beast has been feeding, and the burst cocoon littering the dark jungle floor betrays the monster’s recent evolution. As the hun...
image posted by PlayStation Blog Feb 11 2014 13:42 GMT
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Fire Temple in Left 4 Dead 2 - With the recent free release of L4D2 during the Steam winter sale, we present another reason to get back into the zombie-slaying spirit: A full recreation of the Fire Temple section of LoZ: Ocarina of Time by modder NicNack. Also, Ghostbusters skins, beca...
image posted by IGN Jan 22 2014 17:34 GMT
Evolve: What The Original Left 4 Dead Team Did Next - 2014 would seem to be the year in which the games industry has another crack at making primarily multiplayer shooting games work all over again. There’ve been a few false starts in the past, but Destiny and Titanfall are some super-big, super-fat attem...
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