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The 105 Loading Screens Of 3D Dot Game Heroes - #watchthis I loved the cube-based art-style of 3D Dot Game Heroes, but I didn't love the game. And who loves loading screens? Vimeo user David Kupfer solves almost all of my problems at once by compiling ...
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3D Dot Game Heroes: Let There Be Sackboy - Lend me your ears, PlayStation Readers; I have a story to tell thee. It begins, as many such unnecessarily, inappropriately flowery ones do, on a cold winter’s eve. Okay, that’s probably not accurate. It was a casual conversation actually, one with yo...
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http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4145/5019059608_e4200d29d8.jpg http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2010/09/gamsackboy3d530.jpg http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2010/08/gamatluslogo530.jpg http://gonintendo.com/wp-content/photos/8dce75a47ecde9eb777473845ba89c77.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4072/4598939715_dff13f8a0d.jpg http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2010/05/340x_gameheroes.jpg http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2010/05/gam3ddotgamehallofheroes580.jpg http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2010/04/3ddghuk429.jpg http://www.blogcdn.com/playstation.joystiq.com/media/2010/04/gam3ddotgamerheroessword580.jpg