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Critter Crunch, Everyday Shooter on Sale Today for $0.99 Each - This week, Toronto-based developers (and good friends) Queasy Games & Capy are putting their classic PSN titles on sale. To mark this occasion, Jon decided to dust off the actual guitar used to create the tunes in Everyday Shooter and jam out the game...
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Now Available - Critter Crunch - Critter Crunch is now available on Steam and is 10% off until September 18th at 10AM Pacific Time!Critter Crunch is an award winning, arcade-style puzzle game, starring the loveable Biggs. Using his long, sticky tongue to grab critters from vines a...
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Critter Crunch barfs up on Steam Sept. 11 - Capybara Games' colorful puzzler Critter Crunch is gonna puke rainbow chunks September 11 all over Steam."The game will be available for both PC and Mac, support mouse/keyboard or controller and have all the great online modes - including the ability to ...
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