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Dead Rising Collection hits European Xbox 360s in March - Europe is getting a Dead Rising Collection for Xbox 360 on March 7, bundling up the original Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and the Case Zero, Case West and Off the Record DLC missions. Capcom hasn't said if the collection will make its way to North America...
image posted by Joystiq Jan 23 2014 20:30 GMT
PSA: Dead Rising 2, Case Zero free through Games with Gold now - After plummeting from the colossal height of Agency Tower, why not try a sedate change of pace by dressing up like Elvis and bashing in thousands upon thousands of zombie heads? As of today, Dead Rising 2 takes over from Crackdown as Xbox Live's Games wi...
image posted by Joystiq Aug 16 2013 15:30 GMT
Crackdown, Dead Rising 2 are the August 'Games with Gold' specials - Xbox Live Gold members can leap their way across Crackdown or chop their way through Dead Rising 2 for free in August. As part of Microsoft's "Games with Gold" program, starting tomorrow, August 1, Crackdown will be free to agents through August 15. The ...
image posted by Joystiq Jul 31 2013 18:30 GMT
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