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This Curvy Beauty Sprang From a Solid Chunk a Aluminium - #casemodoftheweek I know, I know; a home theater PC barely counts as a gaming PC, but in the case a HardOCP sea member Achron's sexy metal creation I be willing t' make an exception. Warning: machining porn...
image posted by Kotaku Apr 11 2012 19:40 GMT
Time Enough: Now There’s An Achron Demo - Brain-provoking time-travel RTS Achron, which Richard had a good old chat about here, has been out for a couple a months, but it’s been lacking a demo for cautious, interested parties t' have a play with before taking any kind a plunge. That all change...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Nov 15 2011 11:45 GMT
Achron Updated - Achron version 2011/11/6Summary: This release includes a prehosting multiplayer chat, ability t' change game 'n replay speed, a performance improvement for long games, 'n numerous bug fixes 'n balance improvements.Achron changelog:c...
image posted by Valve Nov 07 2011 19:31 GMT