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Super Stardust 'spiritual successor' coming t' PlayStation 4 - Finnish developer Housemarque announced today that it be working on a "spiritual successor" t' the Super Stardust series for the PlayStation 4. Housemarque's twin-stick shooter Super Stardust HD launched as a downloadable title during the PlayStation 3's...
image posted by Joystiq May 23 2013 20:00 GMT
Ring in 5 years a Super Stardust HD with $7.99 bundle on PSN - Five years have gone by since Super Stardust HD be first released on PlayStation Network, 'n Housemarque be offering a special sale t' mark the occasion. Right now, interested star-dusters can pick up Super Stardust HD 'n all three a it be DLC packs for ...
image posted by Joystiq Aug 08 2012 23:30 GMT
The Super Stardust HD 4-Year Anniversary Competition - Super Stardust HD, arguably the most popular PlayStation Network game, be celebrating it be fourth year on the market in July. 'n t' commemorate the event, Housemarque, the game's developer, be holding a competition that any player with the game downloade...
image posted by IGN Jun 30 2011 17:25 GMT
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