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That Still Ain't Right, YouTube - Back in December the YouTube ContentID fiasco was punctuated by a copyright claim against indie developer Terry Cavanagh on a trailer for his game VVVVVV. Cavanagh disputed the claim. Here's YouTube's resolution. Read more...
image posted by Kotaku Jan 24 2014 23:25 GMT
VVVVVV sets a course for PS Vita, iOS, Android and Ouya - Indie puzzle platformer VVVVVV will launch on PS Vita, iOS, Android and Ouya this year, creator Terry Cavanagh has announced. VVVVVV follows Captain Viridian, lost in arguably the most dangerous alternate dimension ever conceived, as he searches for his ...
image posted by Joystiq Jan 08 2014 03:00 GMT
VVVVVV, Escape Goat star in GOG.com's 5 for $5 indie game sale - Taking a cue from the roast beef artisans at Arby's, Good Old Games is offering a 5 for $5 sale on a collection of indie games recently added to the storefront's online catalog. GOG's Super 5 Promo includes Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV, Smudged Cat Games' Adv...
image posted by Joystiq Sep 24 2013 20:30 GMT
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