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Thursday Night Throwdown: 09/06/12 - GameSpot's own Chris Watters joins us for an evening of flashing lights, overpriced drinks, and DJ Hero 2.
video posted by Giant Bomb Sep 07 2012 01:38 GMT
DJ Hero dev FreeStyleGames survives to make another game - DJ Hero developer FreeStyleGames has officially survived "the great Activision music genre culling of 2011." The fate of the developer was still undecided earlier this year, but Creative Director Jamie Jackson announced today that the studio "will cont...
image posted by Joystiq May 31 2011 15:21 GMT
Ultra Music Mix Pack DLC Trailer - Featuring fresh new tracks from Deadmau5, Benny Benassi and Yolanda Be Cool!
video posted by GameTrailers Apr 19 2011 18:22 GMT