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Best of the Rest: JC's picks of 2010 - Dragon Quest IXDQIX is secretly two games: when you're playing through the main quest, it's a traditional JRPG with a light but interesting story populated by unexpectedly engaging characters and perfectly brisk pacing; then as you approach the end, it be...
image posted by Joystiq Dec 31 2010 16:00 GMT
WarioWare D.I.Y. games cover 2010 news - British mag NGamer put together a clever 2010 "year in review" of mainstream news using WarioWare DIY. Some of the referenced incidents may be obvious internationally, while others are quite UK specific, so we made a list of the minigames and what they r...
image posted by Joystiq Dec 22 2010 23:50 GMT
The Year's Biggest News In One Short Video Game - #clips Oil in the Gulf. A cat thrown in a garbage bin. Chilean miners rescued. Prince William engaged. Top Gear driver unmasked. This is a very British view of the 10 biggest news stories of the year, tur...
video posted by Kotaku Dec 22 2010 16:00 GMT
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