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Sources: Bureau XCOM, BioShock 2 Dev ‘Essentially’ Closed - Oh boy. It be officially another One a Those Days. The diabolical layoff stampede beast a certain doom has struck again, this time allegedly laying waste t' the whole a The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 'n BioShock 2 developer 2K Marin. For now, 2K be only o...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Oct 17 2013 21:55 GMT
BioShock 2 Updated - Hey BioShock 2 fans!In August, the Games For Windows LIVE service marketplace closed 'n some a ye wondered what would happen t' BioShock 2 on PC. We remain committed t' supporting BioShock 2 on PC 'n be excited t' announce that starting today the g...
image posted by Valve Oct 03 2013 18:23 GMT
Drool: Eldritch be Thief Meets Lovecraft Meets Roguelike - Eldritch just got announced by former BioShock 2/Borderlands developers David 'n Kyle Pittman, but it’s already rocketed t' the top a me list a Exciting Doodads That I Will (Lovingly) Obliterate With me Excitement Lasers. The headline does not lie. The...
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