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Picross 3D - GoNintendo reader review - Time for me to head out for the night, but before I do, a review for a game that sort of fell through the cracks, I think. Having been a lifelong Picross fan and having played ALL of the iterations on Nintendo platforms, including the myriad of import ver...
image posted by GoNintendo Oct 20 2011 03:05 GMT
Picross 3D Flipnotes by Scott Kurtz - The creator of the webcomic PvP tries his hand at Nintendo's animation program.
links posted by IGN Jul 21 2010 00:08 GMT
Nintendo's Weird Environmental Tips - #clips If you play the Nintendo DS puzzle game Picross 3D long enough, you unearth some advice about how to be more eco-friendly. But the advice is a little weird. Have a look. More »
video posted by Kotaku Jul 02 2010 12:40 GMT
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