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Goodbye, Metal Gear Online - #metalgear The end of Konami's stealth-meets-shooting multiplayer offering is nigh. It never became an persistent online juggernaut like Halo or Call of Duty but it did manage to grab a dedicated core of p...
image posted by Kotaku Jun 16 2012 02:00 GMT
Metal Gear Online Is Dead - #metalgear Launching back in 2008 with Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Online, the online Metal Gear spin-off, had 1.3 million members at one point in 2009. This summer, Metal Gear Online is going offline. T...
image posted by Kotaku Feb 14 2012 13:30 GMT
From Metal Gear to Stripping to Fugitive to Porn - #idols Earlier this year, pin-up Minako Komukai was on the run from Johnny Law. She stood accused of purchasing drugs from a group of Iranian dealers and fled to the Philippines. A warrant was put out for ...
image posted by Kotaku Sep 09 2011 08:00 GMT