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Sports Champions 2 Should Help Knock the Dust Off Those Move Controllers - There goes Sony again, blowing its massive announcements the week before E3. Sports Champions 2 is coming this fall, new that no doubt have several PlayStation 3 owners wondering where they put that Move controller. to celebrate, Sony roll...
video posted by Kotaku May 31 2012 13:00 GMT
SCE VP: Move should have done better in Europe (but it didn't) - Sony Computer Entertainment UK VP Fergal Gara said the Move could have, should have done better in Europe, noting that the system's software lineup is crucial to its success. Gara named only one title, Sports Champions, that sold the best "by far" with...
image posted by Joystiq Jan 13 2012 01:00 GMT
Sony launching new Move bundle, PS3 with 'Everybody Dance' - Next week, Sony will introduce two new bundles featuring the PlayStation Move to entice the family crowd. The first is a Move peripheral bundle, which includes the wand, PlayStation Eye, Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest for $99.99....
image posted by Joystiq Nov 11 2011 17:45 GMT