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Sony files patent for modular, transforming PS Move-like controller - What if a PlayStation Move controller didn't just move but could also transform (and roll out)? Our friends at Engadget have spotted a US patent filing from Sony for a modular PS Move-like controller that would do such a thing. The patent describes a con...
image posted by Joystiq Jan 22 2014 23:30 GMT
Motion Controls, The Most Popular And Most Broken Idea Gaming Ever Had - It was an idea so good that it vaulted Nintendo into first place last-gen with a console using last-last-gen technology. It was an idea so flawed that a Kotaku reader—the moment this series of best and worst features of the outgoing console generation w...
image posted by Kotaku Oct 15 2013 18:50 GMT
Portal 2’s PS3 Version Gets New, Free Co-Op DLC Today - A while back, Sixense Studios delivered the InMotion DLC—which consisted of a bunch of new levels optimized for for the system’s Move controller—to the PS3 version of Portal 2. Now, that version of Valve’s hit sequel will be getting Portal 2 over...
video posted by Kotaku Jun 06 2013 18:30 GMT