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Episode 10 Trailer - More dragons shock and freeze their way into Vindictus with Episode 10.
image,video posted by GameTrailers Jun 18 2012 18:05 GMT
Stabby Vindictus EU Open Beta Later Today - If I have read the entrails of this internet correctly, then it would seem that the open beta part of Vindictus’ EU roll out is happening this afternoon. You can currently sign up on the site, but the actual servers are down, so no playing. But “what...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sep 28 2011 10:14 GMT
Be Vindicated With A Vindictus Beta Key - We’re very good at giving you things. For instance, today, we’d like to give out 2,000 closed beta keys for Vindictus. But with there being at least 2,001 RPS readers, you’ll need to be quick. If you head below the jump you can find details for how...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sep 12 2011 13:35 GMT