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Finally: Square Realizes Final Fantasies Should Be On PC - The PC is not entirely bereft of Big Hair And Superfluous Zippers: The Neverending (Candy) Saga, which is sometimes colloquially referred to as “Final Fantasy.” The series’ MMO entries, FFXI and FFXIV, got their starts here, and PlayStation One cl...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Feb 20 2014 11:00 GMT
He Forged Sephiroth's Blade, But Aeris Was Already Dead - Not that Aeris's death stopped master sword-smith Tony Swatton from smashing stuff with his newly-forged seven-foot-something long Masamune, which you can watch him make in this video by AWE me. What else would you do with a blade, after all? Read more......
image,video posted by Kotaku Jan 13 2014 21:30 GMT
The Final Fantasy VII Victory Music Sounds Incredible As A Cappella - A cappella master Smooth McGroove has made a name for himself by re-creating vocal versions of classic game music. His stuff is usually very good, but this week he's outdone himself, tackling my favorite video-game victory music and utterly owning it.Rea...
video posted by Kotaku Oct 22 2013 01:00 GMT