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XBL Deal of the Week: Bad Company 2 DLC - We're sure you marked your calendar when we first reported the Xbox Live schedule for April, but we figured a reminder was in order (just in case!). The latest Deal of the Week is for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC, which is available for half price an...
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EA Store discounts Bad Company 2 PC downloads - The EA Store is currently offering the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -- one of our favorites of 2010 -- for ten bucks, half off its usual $20 price. The "Vietnam" expansion has also been discounted to $7.47. Deploy your (credit card) charges...
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Meet The Man Responsible For Gaming's Hottest Tune - #battlefield Vietnam games and movies often rely heavily on old chestnuts like "Paint It Black" or "Fortunate Son" to capture an era. One Vietnam game enlisted some dude from Sweden instead. More » ...
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