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links posted by GoNintendo Jun 19 2013 06:31 GMT
Resident Evil: Revelations - June 12th DLC goes live early - The following DLC was set for June 12th, but has instead launched right now - Lady Hunk - Ooze Rachael - $2.99 eachThanks to Alan for the heads up!
links posted by GoNintendo Jun 11 2013 19:01 GMT
Resident Evil: Revelations - New Raid Mode character details, June online events detailed - RE Revelations players will soon be able to pick up two additional Raid Mode characters (detailed in new trailers), while anyone with access to this confangled Word Wide Cyberweb can partake in a series of online events. Hop over to and l...
links posted by GoNintendo Jun 07 2013 20:08 GMT