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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is $1 on iOS in the name of holiday cheer - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the ghostly puzzler from Capcom, is available in full for just $1 on iOS. We're not telling you that you have to get it, but you have to get it. We played the DS version in 2011 and gave it a our highest marks, comparing i...
image posted by Joystiq Dec 13 2013 21:00 GMT
'Spun (God is a DJ)' and Remember Me's memory remixing are cut from the same creative cloth - When I first saw Remember Me's "memory remix" sequence play out during Capcom's press conference at Gamescom, my first thought was another Capcom game: Ghost Trick. Creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris agreed that Ghost Trick is a fair comparison, but he deni...
image,video posted by Joystiq Aug 16 2012 18:20 GMT
This Stylish Supernatural iOS Adventure is So Damned Good It's Dangerous - #gamingappoftheday A woman is in peril! Unbeknownst to her, a killer is leaning out from the shadows, murder weapon at the ready, and only one man can save the day. Just one problem—her potential savi...
image,video posted by Kotaku Feb 08 2012 14:30 GMT
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