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What Headphones Anime Characters Are Wearing - #anime Female characters wearing large headphones is a trope in Japanese anime. The headphones make the characters' heads look smaller, thus, by anime standards, appear "cuter". Tropes aside, the headphones...
image posted by Kotaku Dec 04 2012 11:00 GMT
Japanese Groom Ritually Destroys Love Plus Save Data on His Wedding Day - #loveplus One day in college, a friend of mine* was awakened by the distinctive sound of a man's porn collection in a garbage bag hitting the bottom of an empty Dumpster (which was right next to my apartmen...
image posted by Kotaku Nov 24 2012 22:00 GMT
Schoolgirl Cosplayers Reborn as Pastel Haired Popstars! - #cosplay Just as Comic Market (aka "Comiket") wraps up in Japan, several of the country's most popular cosplayers—Enako, Akira Itsuki, and Kuroneko—are releasing their singing debut for Sony Mu...
image posted by Kotaku Aug 16 2012 08:40 GMT