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Beyond: Two Souls Video Preview - Spoiler alert: The video preview above contains a smattering of story scenes from Beyond: Two Souls, an upcoming PlayStation 3 game anchored by exquisite recreations of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. One of them drops an F-bomb too, so watch out for that...
video posted by Joystiq Sep 11 2013 20:30 GMT
Microsoft turned down opportunity to publish Heavy Rain, says Cage - PS3 thriller Heavy Rain could've been on Xbox 360, but "long talks" between Microsoft and developer Quantic Dream ended in disagreement and the French studio eventually turning to Sony, according to Quantic CEO David Cage. Speaking at a BAFTA UK event th...
image posted by Joystiq Sep 04 2013 19:30 GMT
Who Needs A Hero? Let's Have More Games With Multiple Main Characters - I love a game with a cool, interesting main character. But you know what I think I might love even more? A game with multiple cool, interesting main characters. Why not, right? Modern video games are huge! They've got room to spare. I love a hero as much ...
image posted by Kotaku Jul 11 2013 00:00 GMT
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