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You May Play: Transistor’s Out Next Month - Transistor, Supergiant’s second game and follow-up to the chatty Cathy that was Bastion, is almost upon us. I don’t mean that in a stalkery murderous way, but in a release datey way. The strategic sci-fi RPG has already tickled Nathan to the point of...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Apr 10 2014 16:30 GMT
Transistor, The Next Game From Bastion's Creators, Is Out Next Month - Transistor—the pretty new game from the folks behind Bastion—will be out for PS4 and PC on May 20. Killer. It'll be playable at PAX East this weekend, too.Read more...
image posted by Kotaku Apr 10 2014 15:03 GMT
Lemma Follows In The Footsteps Of Bastion, Mirror’s Edge - As a semi-longtime games journo (and hobbyist coal miner), I’ve seen my fair share of diamonds in the rough. Some eventually go the distance and gleam like a million smiling suns, while others… well, they don’t fare so well. And yet, even after los...
image,video posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mar 25 2014 11:00 GMT