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Fallon gets his 'Adult Female Face' blown away during 3DS demo on Late Night - We expected Jimmy Fallon to flip out during Reggie Fils-Aime's 3DS demonstration during last night's episode of Late Night. We expected the audience to get a kick out of the device's AR functionality. However, we did not expect the 3DS to swap Fallon's...
image posted by Joystiq Mar 26 2011 22:00 GMT
image posted by GoNintendo Mar 26 2011 17:01 GMT
Select Walmart stores offering $100 credit toward 3DS with old DS trade-in - This Sunday, the 3DS launches in the US and, to celebrate the occasion, US-based megastore Walmart is offering quite the deal for anyone who lives in one of a dozen states. When purchasing the new handheld, consumers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Geor...
image posted by Joystiq Mar 26 2011 00:10 GMT
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