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Final Fantasy V's Battle Theme Is Ready to Fight on 8 Floppy Drives - YouTuber MrSolidSnake745 is back with another floppy drive music symphony. This time, Final Fantasy V's battle theme is brought to life. Read more...
links posted by Kotaku Dec 04 2013 10:40 GMT
Final Fantasy V out on iOS in New Zealand today - Square Enix's questionably upgraded iOS version of Final Fantasy 5 has arrived on the App Store in New Zealand, which suggests it'll propagate throughout the world as the day goes on, likely arriving in North America late tonight. Square Enix had previou...
image posted by Joystiq Mar 27 2013 17:00 GMT
Final Fantasy IV iOS trailer reveals Final Fantasy V plan - This trailer doesn't just show you what Final Fantasy IV looks like on iOS, it shows you the future. Or the past, given your perspective. The end of the trailer teases an iOS version of Final Fantasy V, "and more."There's no timeline for the release of F...
image,video posted by Joystiq Dec 21 2012 23:15 GMT