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New office means faster content updates, says Starbound creator - In a blog post celebrating the acquisition of a new office space, the developers behind Starbound claim that having all of their personnel under one roof will allow the studio to issue more frequent content updates for the sandbox exploration game. "The ...
image posted by Joystiq Feb 22 2014 01:30 GMT
Terraria (Finally) Comes to PlayStation Vita - After a long wait, Terraria has finally come to PS Vita. Come check out its launch trailer.
image posted by IGN Jan 03 2014 18:23 GMT
Xbox offers Countdown to 2014 daily deals on Fez, Spelunky, Terraria - There's another batch of daily deals for Xbox Live end-of-year sale, and today's batch supposedly comprise "2D modern classics," namely Terraria, Spelunky, and Fez. Putting aside if you can even call something a "modern classic," isn't that forgetting th...
image posted by Joystiq Dec 18 2013 17:00 GMT
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