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New office means faster content updates, says Starbound creator - In a blog post celebrating the acquisition a a new office space, the developers behind Starbound claim that having all a their personnel under one roof will allow the studio t' issue more frequent content updates for the sandbox exploration game. "The pr...
image posted by Joystiq Feb 22 2014 01:30 GMT
Terraria (Finally) Comes t' PlayStation Vita - After a long wait, Terraria has finally come t' PS Vita. Come check out it be launch trailer.
image posted by IGN Jan 03 2014 18:23 GMT
Xbox offers Countdown t' 2014 daily deals on Fez, Spelunky, Terraria - There's another batch a daily deals for Xbox Live end-a-year sale, 'n today's batch supposedly comprise "2D modern classics," namely Terraria, Spelunky, 'n Fez. Putting aside if ye can even call something a "modern classic," isn't that forgetting that wh...
image posted by Joystiq Dec 18 2013 17:00 GMT
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