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Starhawk MLG Finals Streaming Live Tonight - Starhawk fans, we’d like to thank you once again for your support in keeping the battle for Rift Energy thriving online. The team is committed to keeping the servers maintained, and ensuring the war rages on. If you’ve been following or participating ...
links posted by PlayStation Blog Dec 03 2012 21:38 GMT
Some Updates From LightBox on Studio's Future - Starhawk development will continue, even though Sony will no longer be paying for it.Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive hit a major roadbump this week, with the company’s relationship with Sony coming to a close. The studio was then forced to lay o...
image posted by Giant Bomb Oct 19 2012 20:58 GMT
Starhawk dev lays off 24, 'much smaller studio' to focus on first iOS title - Update: Lightbox Interactive President Dylan Jobe has told Joystiq his company will see "a sizable reduction in staff." Twenty-four staff members have been informed that Friday will be their final day at the Texas-based developer. Jobe adds that "all 24 ...
image posted by Joystiq Oct 18 2012 00:40 GMT