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MapleStory 2 Will Be An Enormous Game You Never Play - It would be a fool who ignored the power of Maple Story. However, we arguably weren’t fools for not troubling you with the news of a MapleStory 2 last month. At that point Korean publishers Nexon had only put up a useless teaser site. Now there’s a t...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dec 17 2013 08:00 GMT
Three Out of Four Online Marriages End in Divorce, Says Korean MMO - #mmo MapleStory, the South Korean sidescrolling MMO (above), allows players to get hitched if they so choose. Sadly, many of the unions are not parted by death but divorce—20,344 out of 26,982, to be...
image posted by Kotaku Sep 15 2011 08:30 GMT
Barack Obama Locks Up The Maple Story Vote, Cluelessness Takes Second - #barackobama Barack Obama has triumphed over both ignorance and the Republican primary field, in an unofficial and moderately alarming poll of players of the cartoony multiplayer online video game MapleStor...
image posted by Kotaku Mar 27 2012 20:30 GMT