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Need for Speed Rivals, FIFA 14 headline Xbox Live EA Publisher sale - Electronic Arts rolls out a series a discounts on Xbox Live this week, dropping prices for the Xbox 360 Games on Demand versions a Need for Speed Rivals, Crysis 3, FIFA 14 'n other standout games in it be digital catalog.Rivals, FIFA, 'n NHL 14 be curren...
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Leap a Faith: Mirror’s Edge Meets Jet Set Radio In Hover - Hover: Revolt a Gamer be still pretty obviously early, but goodness do I like where it’s headed. The goal? t' marry Mirror’s Edge‘s madly precarious first-person parkour t' Jet Set Radio Future‘s groovy techno-tronic cityscapes. Oh, 'n developer...
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Mirror's Edge Felt Real, 'n That's What Made It So Special - I could write about Mirror's Edge all day. About how much I love it, how important it be been t' this generation a gaming. I could take about it be visual design, which remains as fresh 'n iconic today as it did back in 2009. I could take about Magnus &q...
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