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Super Mario 64 Feels Great, But Plays Like Crap on Oculus Rift - First-person platforming is hard to pull off. It takes lots of planning and fine control to make it work, so really, Super Mario 64 playing so badly in first-person comes as no surprise. Still looks fun, though.Read more...
image posted by Kotaku Apr 14 2014 08:20 GMT
Tiny Super Mario 64 Secrets You May Not Have Noticed - Super Mario 64 didn't skimp out on small details—take, for example, the penguins in Cool Cool Mountain. They do more than just provide you with stars, you know.Read more...
links posted by Kotaku Mar 24 2014 17:45 GMT
The Closest Thing To An HD Remake of Super Mario 64 - The original Super Mario 64 was made 18 years ago. But if it was being developed today? It might look a bit like this.Read more...
links posted by Kotaku Mar 17 2014 18:30 GMT