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links posted by Francis Apr 03 2015 03:40 GMT
OnLive cuts price of CloudLift subscription fee nearly in half - OnLive launched CloudLift last month, a service that lets users stream its selection of games from capable machines to devices that wouldn't normally be able to play them - think tablets and underpowered computers. CloudLift used to cost $14.99 a month,...
image posted by Joystiq Apr 13 2014 22:15 GMT
OnLive Lives Again: New Feature Syncs With Steam Games - Remember OnLive? The service aimed to provide streaming videogames to the world, but fell foul of confusing pricing, slow internet connections and the apparent mismanagement. The company never really shut down, avoiding bankruptcy by being bought and re-...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mar 05 2014 17:30 GMT