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Catch a shiny Palkia Pokémon at GameStop - From September 9 until September 29, Pokéfans can visit their local GameStop to pick up a special shiny version of the legendary Pokémon Palkia. This marks the second leg of a promotion in which GameStop is offering gratis shiny, legendary Pokémon to ...
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Pokemon Black/White 2 - Funfest mission events (Japan) - - mission at the World Hobby Fair 2013, from June 29th to September 16th - mission involves running around and battling strong trainers - receive Max Ether or Rare Candy depending on how well you do - more events at Pokemon Center - July 13th to July 26th...
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Pokemon Black/White 2 - more details on Deoxys distribution event, Pokemon dolls - Deoxys - distribution is now live - special Level 100 Deoxys - comes with the moves Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover and Psycho Boost - comes holding the Life Orb - comes in the Dusk Ball - live until May 31st New Pokémon Dolls - released on the Global ...
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