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Pokemon X/Y - Train now for the 2014 April friendly - Do you have a Pokémon party that you can't wait to battle with against top Trainers? Join the 2014 April Friendly, an Online Competition featuring players from around the world! The 2014 April Friendly features Single Battles, and every Pokémon in the K...
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Pokemon X/Y - starter mugs - Pokemon Petit merchandise More here: http://t.co/KEYCchvTSo #Pokemon #PokemonXY #Froakie #Fennkin #Chespin pic.twitter.com/vLQMJcmuOp— NintendoTweet (@NintendoTweet) March 15, 2014
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Pokemon X/Y - Special Mega Evolution I poster - Serebii Picture: First poster of the upcoming XY Special Mega Evolution I http://t.co/oV6DIIAFJJ pic.twitter.com/969lYm8fi7— Serebii.net (@SerebiiNet) March 15, 2014
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