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DIGIBUTTER STARBOUND SERVER 2015 - [img] Server IP: Server Password: tippi Mumble Server (it was free so why the hell not) IP: It took a little longer than expected, but I finally got this thing up and running. I don't plan on renewin...
posted by Gold Prognosticus Jan 16 2015 17:22 GMT
Starbound To Revamp Progression, Add Farming (!) - There are already lots of things in Starbound. Even in beta, the game is a vast sandbox of possibility and weird cave-dwelling gum creatures that shriek and bounce at you like a pogo stick possessed by the soul of a deathrow inmate. It’s a big place, b...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Feb 25 2014 11:00 GMT
Starbound Bans "Sexual Predator" - The developers of indie PC hit Starbound have had to call the authorities after it was discovered a sexaul predator was using the game to "target children".Read more...
image posted by Kotaku Feb 11 2014 01:00 GMT