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Big Blizzard News & Rock Band's Return - IGN Daily Fix - Win PS4's InFamous: Second Son! Blizzard drops new additions at PAX East and Rock Band is planning a big return. Plus, PS4's Watch Dogs hits at 1080p but Xbox One is still uncertain.
image posted by IGN Apr 12 2014 01:00 GMT
Merry Naxxramas: Hearthstone Single-Player Announced - The wonder and terror of collectible card games is that they evolve and expand over time to continue demanding your time and money and attention and love and it’s just too much and I can’t deal with it, as I may have mentioned earlier today. Blizzard...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Apr 11 2014 15:30 GMT
World of Warcraft's Shiny New HD Tauren in Motion - Courtesy of Blizzard, here's a look at what the Tauren will look, move and act like in World of Warcraft's new expansion-slash-graphical-update, Warlords of Draenor. Read more...
image posted by Kotaku Apr 08 2014 08:30 GMT
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