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I just tried SMG2 from the Wii U eshop. It *does* use Wii mode, identical to if you ran the disc from the Wii U menu. So no miiverse integration or anything like that :( - BUT that might mean that Gamepad/Pro-controller support may be coming to Wii disc games in the future that use the Classic Controller. EDIT: It's technically not identical to Wii discs... because Wii discs send you to the Wii home screen where you hav...
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Split-Screen Multiplayer SMG2 - Wii game modder chadderz is working on a 2-player split-screen version of Super Mario Galaxy 2. From the video description: This is a preview/teaser of a new hack/mod coming for Super Mario Galaxy 2: split-screen multiplayer. This will boot via R...
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