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Lovecats: Mew-Genics First Footage Shows Rutting Moggies - Mew-Genics, the cat-breeding-based follow-up to Super Meat Boy, has been in development for almost a year and half – that’s almost a decade in cat years. Too long, too long! We’ll all be crawling under the nearest chest-of-drawers to die soon. At l...
image posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jan 14 2014 15:00 GMT
Super Meat Boy now $3 thanks to Steam's Midweek Madness sale - If you haven't yet experienced the soul-crushing difficulty of Super Meat Boy, now's your chance: From now until 7PM on November 7, the indie platformer is available on Steam at an 80 percent discount. Including 300-plus stages, boss fights and sadistic ...
image posted by Joystiq Nov 06 2013 06:30 GMT
Mew-Genics trailer has folk singing, exploding cats, 2014 release date - The first trailer for Mew-Genics, the upcoming "cat lady sim" from Team Meat (of Super Meat Boy fame) has arrived, and it's... uh... well, there's singing, giant cats exploding, microscopic cats being injected into another cat, a cat pooping out another...
image,video posted by Joystiq Aug 31 2013 20:00 GMT