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Former DJ Hero devs exploring IPTV for multi-platform project - DJ Hero developer FreeStyle Games is hiring a producer for IPTV gaming, according to a job listing on LinkedIn. The position will lead "the development of new multi-platform games with specific emphasis on online infrastructure-heavy video applications."...
image posted by Joystiq May 21 2013 04:59 GMT
Bobby Kotick talks Guitar and DJ Hero, the fall and the coming rise - Bobby Kotick earned more than $4.4 billion through Activision Blizzard last year, which means his business success is obvious -- but so are his failures. In an interview with Forbes, Kotick described the downfall of the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchis...
image posted by Joystiq Jul 23 2011 21:30 GMT
Activision Boss Says DJ Hero Helped Kill Guitar Hero - #djhero I like video games. I like turntables. I like DJ Shadow, I like the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, the Scratch Perverts. Yet I've thought DJ Hero was a stupid idea from the moment the series was first...
image posted by Kotaku Jul 21 2011 05:30 GMT