Six Days in Fallujah

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Modern Games Struggle With Modern Warfare - #wellplayed Last week Electronic Arts found out the hard way that video games' latest four letter word is actually seven letters long. More »
image posted by Kotaku Oct 04 2010 14:20 GMT
Status update: Six Days in Fallujah, with Atomic Games president Peter Tamte - When it was first announced in April 2009, Six Days in Fallujah, from developer Atomic Games, raised more than a few eyebrows. Peace groups, veterans and some families of killed American soldiers lambasted the studio and its then publishing partner Konam...
image posted by Joystiq Mar 31 2010 22:00 GMT
Hands-On With Breach, The New Breed Of Destruction - #atomicgames With its Iraq War shooter Six Days In Fallujah still in publishing limbo, developer Atomic Games is working on a new plan of attack with its new multiplayer shooter Breach, a game that's about...
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