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**State of Digibutter Address** 10 years. That's ancient in internet time. We are older than the iPhone and Super Mario Galaxy. MySpace and Geocities were bigger than Facebook. Many of you grew up on this site and have now graduated to university or beyond. Maybe some of you have your own kids now! For me this site was originally a way for me to experiment with programming and game ideas, but what really kept it going was the community. In the past 10 years I've changed jobs, relationships, and homes... but digibutter has been my one constant (well that and my dog, Kooper). Over that time I probably messed with the site too much, breaking many beloved features and adding strange ones. But I think it's time itself that has naturally dwindled the user base. But what we have now is a pretty great core group, even if we're often spread out to other corners of the internet. It's fitting that our 10th Annerrversary falls on Easter. Many consider us dead, but we shall rise from our gwave. In the near future I'd like to bring back some of the silly features we had in the early days and get back to building upon "betalands". I've had many personal setbacks that have messed with these plans, but one day I'll actually accomplish what I set out to do, and I hope you are still around to be a part of it. Or at least keep posting butterflies, nerrrrrr


BTW, this is the 8th State of Digibutter Address. You can see the previous one here http://digibutter.nerr.biz/topics/267582/state-of-digibutter-address-7 or the first one here http://digibutter.nerr.biz/viewtopic.php?t=11800. I'd like to compile other "greatest hits" on the home page, so feel free to share your favorites! Also I don't think I've ever really posted my personal info here, but I figure after 10 years it's probably safe... so if you want follow the man behind the digi-curtain, you can do so on Twitter @dsims http://twitter.com/dsims

Keep on trucking Digi. When Betalands goes big time Doops will happily accept any and all veteran mod powers you grant him. This topic will always be close to my heart: http://digibutter.nerr.biz/topics/262365/betalands-screenshot-gallery

For the next iteration of Bitlands/Betalands I really need to get NerrBot in there and moving around correctly. Looking forward to it!

Ten years. Woah. I wish I found this site when I first played paper mario!

big part of my formative years, here. thanks for everything, dude. maybe a return to form in the next version? more uh, forumlike? it seems like it always became really hard to use/keep track of actual userposts over the years. like, geez, the item/hp/lives system, custom items system, tournaments, arcade, an actual economy-- i'd kill to have something like that for my forums lmao idk. just kind of geeking out about the cool stuff we had in the old days. i look forward to what comes next, francis. you've always been like a cool distant uncle to me.

I agree with Megamaw, it's a lot of fun trawling around the old site and seeing what was around back in the day. Part of the reason I think some consider Digi dead is that so much has changed since 2007

digibutter was never made to last longer than a few years at most, so the stack actually overflows upon reaching 10 and instead becomes year 0. return to forum?

Hey you kids, get off my lawn. (Good lord, how has it been ten years already?)

F has come to I still get overwhelming nostalgia for this place. Adding back some the missing features would be lovely

Wow, I'm amazed that this old place is still chugging along! I'm glad it is, though; it was such a formative part of my adolescence (which probably explains a lot about how I turned out).

Now that's awesome.

Although I've only been here for a short while, I am still excited to see what happens in the future!

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Be prepared! More is coming!

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I've been around here since like, 2012 or so. Best wishes to everyone here

well that was emotional ;-;