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NEW 2DS XL WAT WHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lxNHhgMuTg


Basically the exact same as a new 3DS XL minus the 3D and a couple ounces. But it comes with an AC adapter! http://www.nintendo.com/2ds/features/compare/

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Looks like it's still made of that cheap XL plastic.

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I've always preferred the regular 3DS models to the XL variants, but either way there's no real need for me to buy this.

The screen is more reflective than the normal-line 3DS family. Since I hate reflectivity, I don't think I'd use this one much. I already have a New 3DS XL, so yeah. Plus the 3D is great IMO. But hey if you want to play Xenoblade Chronicles and for whatever reason a 3DS is too much...