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So, got a switch last week.... Why is this considered better than the wii U again? Really not getting anything out of this that I couldn't have gotten out of the Wii U had they just tweaked a few things.


The Switch is more of a fusion between the Wii and DS families, allowing for very powerful games to play on the go. It has the mobility that the console games lack and is a major step up graphically compared to the DS systems. The joycon multiplayer is an amazing concept. The Wii U was a failure at launch. It was released while the Wii was still pretty popular and was marketed almost exclusively towards young children, driving away a large chunk of consumers from buying the product. The game selection for the Wii U was pretty mediocre, with only a handful of really enjoyable games. The Switch, on the other hand, goes back marketing towards all. It also ports over most of the important Wii U games, taking away almost all the reasons to buy the Wii U. The only thing the Wii U has left of any importance is Smash and the Virtual Console games.

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And an internet browser, and a pretty awesome videochat system, and backwards compatibility. and compatibility with older TVs so I don't need to get a an HD TV just to play my cartoon styled games on a decently sized screen. The game library means nothing to me when the best game on the switch works just fine on the wii u, and probably would have worked BETTER if they hadn't taken out features to make it more like the switch version. Or am I to believe that they had some other reason for removing the ability to use the gamepads screen as a map when in TV mode? Yeah the controls are a neat concept but I'm already planning to buy a second pair of joycons for my friend to use just because a single joycon as a controler feels super awkward. I'm not denying the system has potential, but I feel like the wii U had way more going for it when I first got it. The more I use the switch the more I notice things that the wii U handled better.

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It's only "better" because it's portable and possibly a quicker UI. And they can market it better free from the Wii brand, which means it will sell more which means it will eventually get more and better games. Sometimes you have to break with the past to move forward. Sadly Wii U owners were an acceptable causality. Wii U is still well worth having for backwards compatibility, but Switch is the future. I still have a decent sized backlog to play through though, so I may put off getting a Switch another year. We'll odys-see about that