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As Kirby Star Allies is probably the next "big" Kirby game, it's going to come up very soon. How will Mixing Abilities Work? What abilities will be new? What abilities will return? What will bosses be like? Will people survive? Yoshi for 2018 Switch is also coming up, Kirby and Yoshi both being adorable Nintendo characters. What will change in the gameplay of Yoshi? What will the collectibles be like, Flowers? (Probably going to be in it, collectibles being like Star Coins in the 2D Mario Games, and such) Will Yoshi eat this crumb on my shoulder? There are tons of questions that hopefully will be answered. I have no idea why I typed this out, hecc.


I hope the Yoshi game turns out to be /Super Paper Mario 2: Yoshi's Island/ and/or a Pikmin crossover

From what we saw, the Squeak Squad and 64 mixes will return, and the rest will be put into two groups. The solvents and the solutes. The element-like abilities, like Water or Tornado, act as the solute while the item based abilities, like Cutter or Hammer, act as the solvents. Together, they'd make abilities like Water Cutter or Tornado Hammer. Odd ones, like ESP, would take a bit more originality, as seen in the ESP Stone mix. The bosses are probably going to be more akin to RtDL's bosses, focusing less of the "Wow 3D" from 3D and PR and the charm-reliant boss fights like Epic Yarn in favor of more classic feel, like DL3, KA, and SS. They look to be a bit long and the purple clouds surrounding the bosses seem to indicate that they're possessed, perhaps by Dark Matter. Honestly I'm hoping for more minor characters. Major characters like Susie or Magalor are cool and all, but I really want some new cute characters like MuchiMuchi or Bakasa who serve no purpose but to be citizens. When was the last time we met a new character who doesn't add much to the plot / isn't an antagonist?

As for the Yoshi game, it looks like a Wooly World sequel. The gameplay seems to be experimenting with something new, but I just don't follow that series too much.