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I assume this is going to be Smash Wii U plus a few new characters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3Gt42kVgCw


I feel like its just gonna be a direct port with updated graphics and some possible new characters, its only been about 3 years since the release of Smash Wii U.

I could see them removing characters too, like Wii Fit Trainer & Mii Fighters, and maybe Shulk & Cloud. Unless they have new related games/ports coming.

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I got wrecked by Wii Fit Trainer once... it was a rather embarrassing experience.

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Then again, I'm pretty sh*t at PvP games in general.

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Most likely a port, which will be sad... You know, the switch has good games and all... But if they keep porting games, then we'll start to get disappointed. We had a LOT of ideas for a new Smash and new Mario Kart, so it'll be sad knowing it's just a port. Unless they make a port for MK8 and Smash 4 and then later on in the Switch's life they make an actual Mario Kart and Smash, which would be pretty good.

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I think this is going to be a whole new game. Based on a few comments from Sakurai's Twitter and the general look they are giving it. It seems pretty fresh.

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why immediately assume its a port when link is redesigned, inkling is here, the title looks different, and why make a teaser for a port?

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I'd rather it not be a port, but like Smash Bros Wii U has only been out for 3 years. I guess I could see them making a new Smash Bros for the Switch but right now I'm slightly leaning more to the port side.

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Port is relative, I mean it seems unnecessary to build an entire new engine and character models from scratch. But you could spend some time reskinning and tweaking things, adding a few new modes and items to make it feel like a new game. The fact is they could simply re-release Wii U version with all the DLC and a few minor tweaks/additions and this would fly off the shelf, and their shareholders would probably be pissed if they didn't take the easy money.

kinda like majoras mask then, id be down with that, though there are hints of a new theme song to so it would be more of a whole new game using the same assets and characters, still thats cool if thats the case

I'd still like it, I was never able to get my hands on the Wii U version so it would all be new to me.

I hope that it is gonna be a new game instead of a port

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"re-release Wii U version with all the DLC and a few minor tweaks/additions" nailed it