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I was going to criticize Nintendo for remaking /Bowser's Inside Story/ because it's not that old but then I realized it's been almost 10 years. geeze. Still strange to remake a DS game for 3DS IMO. And why did they skip /Partners in Time/ ?


I suppose it could be because PiT got a Wii U VC release, and BIS is considered to be a better game. And maybe having Fawful around again makes for a better continuation of the minions side-game.

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I don't think BIS needed a remake, the original was already perfect

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I've heard people say that it's because BIS relied heavily on the DS's duel screens meaning it needed to be released on a DS. PiT didn't really utilize the top screen, so it could end up on the Switch at some point. Other rumors suggest the amount of new graphics needed for PiT compared to BIS and the popularity of BIS. I have a feeling the dark tone of PiT also influenced the decision.

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Wow, thanks that's interesting

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Time really does go by fast.