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Happy Annerrversary everyone! We're eleven years old today!


https://imgur.com/OPhWq7Q I regret not doing something special for last year's annerrversary, so I did a picture- I'm not great at drawing, but I got all the recent posters I could remember in it. From left to right: MTT, Shadeston, Kimilsung65, me, Doopliss, Mardelle, RazorMan and of course Francis

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what a strange time to be alive. i'm going back to /topics

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Sorry for leaving you out, but I had no idea how to draw your avatar

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You know I've always assumed people would recognize the avatar as a pair of kamina-esqe sunglasses but now that I look at it basically is a butterfly

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I thought the name Shadeston was kind of like a dark side version of Tiptron, sorry about that

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