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**TMNT FOR SMASH** plz https://splatoon.nintendo.com/news-video/splatfest-tmnt-tournament/


The turtles in smash would be kinda cool, but they'd feel really out of place

color=purple: Donatello wins! https://splatoon.nintendo.com/news-video/splatfest-results-donnie-wins-final/

for some reason im hoping the final boss of kirby star allies will be in smash, its like 0.1% possible but still

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You mean Void Termina? That would be pretty freaking cool. I'd like to see Nightmare as well, he was my favourite final boss of the Kirby franchise.

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Magolor better tho

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He's really not. Firstly, the older games were better than Return to Dreamland, which was just sort of meh. Magolor was ok I guess, but he seemed a lot less threatening than Nightmare, didn't provide a real challenge, and when it was over I was like "seriously? That's it?". Anyway, each to their own and all that.

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out of the final bosses in the "return to dreamland" games void termina is by far my favorite, and in terms of character design he is among my favorites in kirby as a whole, which is why id love to see him in smash somehow, nightmare would be awesome too since his assist trophy is pretty underwhelming.