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Please check out my YouTube account! (In the same name) P.S please no hateful comments. Being rude isn't needed and it just isn't nice. If you don't like this post or any of my posts for that matter, just ignore them instead of posting unnecessary comments.


why do you exist

Why should I check out your Fanfiction? You've only written one story, and that story is less than 1000 words long. And I assume this https://youtube.com/channel/UCewW3mdX0C-wK-kJFTTqwXQ is your youtube channel? It doesn't seem to come out with a lot of regular content, so I'm afraid I don't see much reason to check that out either.


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Not my fault my mother gave birth to me. Maybe don't resort to petty insults?

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Was that really necessary?

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1. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. You could've skipped over this post if you wanted to. 2. Did you even look at the date I posted my first video? It was only a couple days ago. Do you expect a 13yr who lives in a small town in the state of Oklahoma to have much money to spend on things? As I said in the chat earlier, self-promoting my channel is the only way I can spread the word about it. I posted this hoping just to find a few people who just truly loved the same things as me. I try to be kind, maybe you should too? I am only currently using a FREE IN-BROWSER website to record my videos and I'm sorry if you expect a 13yr old girl with zero budget or experience to post high-quality videos or multiple videos a day when they first start. I don't mind when you give me constructive criticism, but this just tore me down. Most of you guys were being "Oh, you need to fix this, that, oh that video sucks, this channel is horrible, why do you exist". I knew I was gonna get some people who felt this way, but to know not even 1 person can say "Hey, this was good. But I have some ideas on how to make your channel better..." So that really hurts. So next time, before saying rude and hateful things (and I'm not just talking about you) try to build me up and give me advice. And you can do this with anybody. Just.... don't be mean, please.