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Perhaps they should have named it /Final Smash/ instead of Ultimate. I get the feeling this is the end.


Well, if it's ultimate, then you can't really get a better smash, so it still gives that impression in the title, but Final Smash would have been a much, much cooler title

Well, I certainly hope it's not the end for the Smash series as I really enjoy it, but I have to agree with KarToon that Final Smash would have been a cooler title. Maybe since they didn't name it Final Smash we are guaranteed another Smash game in the future?

In my opinion, I think that this game is not the end. I expect plenty of more smash games after Ultimate.

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Sakurai won't want to make another one, but I think you're right, Nintendo will probably want to keep milking the Smash cow

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Yeah, Sakurai will probably start focusing his work on Kid Icarus or something instead of Smash, but in the future, when Sakurai stops making Smash, I wonder who will take his place.