digibutter.nerr lite

playing through the game again, was wondering what others think is the most annoying world (although all are amazing, not dissing the game) Im not the biggest fan of space.


I also wasn't a big fan of space, the maze type stages in particular (most of the middle ones) were kind of a pain to navigate through and it wasn't really enjoyable for me.

World 6. The Sammer Kingdom should have been a sidequest, not a mandatory challenge. If we're talking about worlds with actual levels, World 4 is the most tedious since its the hardest to navigate, and a lot of the space portions look the same.

I’d probably say space but if I could say a particular level *cough (Merlee’s basement) *cough although you eventually get through it.

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yeah i really hate merlee's basement

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its been a while since i played the game myself, the basement is where you meet Mimi right? anything including that nightmare creature of an adorable green girl is more confusing for my emotions than annoying

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YES That Basement Was Super Confusing To Navigate And Mimi Probably Gave Me Childhood Trauma And Trying To Navigate The Basement With Her Running Around Trying To Murder You Is A Total Pain

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Eh, honestly Mimi didn’t really affect me as a kid, if anything I think I was expecting more once she went into her animation.

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when i was younger, mimi's true form was nightmare fuel not only because of the gross transformation but I absolutely hate spiders