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Weekly Super Luigi: Super Luigi Volume 1: The Quest Begins The day dawned like any other, but little did Luigi know the letter he was about to receive would forever change his destiny. "-Sir Luigi- Danger besets us on all sides, and we beg your help! The foul Chestnut King has stolen our treasure: our fair princess." The letter was from Minister Crepe of the Waffle Kingdom, a man aware of Luigi's many adventures. He knew only Luigi could save them. Charged with this dire task, Luigi wasted no time curtailing the heroic meal he was making. Then he packed for his deadly journey. Knowing that his older, though less talented, brother was out on a no-doubt inconsequential errand, Luigi took a moment to leave a note. "Mix a Keel Mango with a Peachy Peach to whip up a Fruit Parfait." These cryptic words were all Luigi wrote before leaving. Upon reaching the Waffle Kingdom, Luigi was greeted by pure misery, an endless flow of tears over the kidnapping of Princess Eclair. Arriving at the castle, Luigi was greeted by Minister Crepe, who carefully handed him a compass base with only one intact section. "Our land had a second treasure: the Marvelous Compass. Find its seven parts, and find Eclair." So it began... To Be Continued.... Next Thursday


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